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Photo Editing Specialist at Annie Selke

Pittsfield | application Deadline 12-31-2020 | $600/a week
We are looking for a full-time Photo Editing Specialist to join our post-production team to assist with start to finish editing of still images for use in ...

ABI and DDS Direct Care at BFAIR

Pittsfield | application Deadline 11-30-2020 | $600/A week
Make a difference in the lives of others! Looking for a job that does not feel like work and will fit around your busy student schedule? BFAIR has pos...

Brain Injury and Developmental Disabilities Support

Pittsfield | application Deadline 11-30-2020 | $520/a week
Supporting people. Enriching lives. Make a DIFFERENCE for Others, Yourself, & Your Career! Berkshire County Arc is seeking Brain Injury and Dev...

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